Gemini Daily Horoscope

Today, it might be easier for you to pay attention. Your attention might be all-consuming, and you might notice that everything you do is done with more intensity. Through a focused meditation, this would be a great time to use your concentration to learn more about the spiritual side of your life. You might want to think about your stomach.

With each breath, pay attention to how this area rises and falls. You could repeat the Sanskrit word for this energy center, “Ram,” while focusing on your breath. You might notice that meditating on this area, which is the center of your body, gives you inner strength and makes you more grounded and aware of what you do throughout the day.

As calls and invitations pour in from near and far, this will surely be a social day. But group parties aren’t what you’re looking for right now. You’d much rather be alone with someone special. You can make it happen. If you’re in a committed relationship, invite her to go for a walk with you. If you’re still single, contact someone who has piqued your attention.

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