Libra Daily Horoscope

You may be more irritated with your connections today, resulting from previous emotional patterns. This may make you feel more argumentative. Perhaps you’d like to concentrate on noticing and understanding your emotions as they arise today. If you feel frustrated with someone close to you, take a deep breath and ask yourself when you last felt this way.

You can recall an event or visual image of something that has left an impression on you. If this happens, gently tell yourself that those feelings were in the past, and while you may feel the same way now, you have more wisdom and experience to help you release your annoyance.

You might finally start acting upon your thoughts today. Always want to help other people and have a kind heart. You give both your time and money for free. However, you are likely to use these resources in a more focused way today. Instead of giving money to many different places, why not choose one group that needs your help? This will make a more significant difference.

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