Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

You might be feeling amazement today, which could be sparked by the profound thoughts you come across or just by the beauty you witness in the world around you. Perhaps you are motivated by the incredible miracle of your existence because you see the hand of the universe at work in your surroundings. While sitting in silence today, you could direct your attention to your third or sixth chakra.

Repeat the global mantra, ‘Om,’ with each breath, and envision that this space is filling with light with each minute. This meditation may allow you to reawaken your sense of connectedness to the cosmos. By relying on this expanded awareness today, you may discover that your meditation or reflections become much deeper, and you may notice more profound insights into the wonders and workings of the cosmos.

Take some extra time today to show your love for the people you care. This is true for both people at home and at work. Why not surprise your always-helpful female coworker with a bouquet of flowers? While at the florist, order another bouquet for someone special waiting for you at home.

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